Lenin at the nuclear bunker

The Special Weapons Depot in the wooded area near Stolzenhain was once a strategically important facility of the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany, but after the German reunification the complex was abandoned. The traces left behind give the forest a post-apocalyptic aura today, to which especially the abandoned nuclear bunker contribute. But there are also some Soviet traces left in the barracks area, including a small Lenin mural commemorating the 70th anniversary of the October Revolution.

St2The construction of the complex took place from May 1967 to December 1968. Camouflaged in the forest, two identical bunkers were built in which a total of 200 nuclear warheads could be stored, along with separate living, training and technical areas. This secret site was completely abandoned in 1990 and part of it has since been demolished. However, the two nuclear bunkers are still standing as well as some buildings and facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, a sauna and a shooting stand, all located in the south-eastern area. Here, in a weathered cottage, you can also find the white side portrait of Lenin on a red background with the dates 1917 and 1987. On the wall you can still see a Soviet emblem and some inscriptions presumably made by children. This could have been a former school, especially as there is also a blackboard and toys in the room.

Not far from these ruins, part of the barracks area, including some Soviet buildings such as the old gymnasium, is now being used by a construction company. After a long period of oblivion, activity is returning to the Stolzenhainer forest. This time without nuclear warheads being involved…


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