A Lenin monument that is none

One of the most surprising chronicles of Lenin monuments in Germany is that of the statue ensemble „Hessendrescher“ in Groß-Gerau. This work by the artist Mario Derra has been standing in front of the historic town hall of this small West-German town since 2007 and shows five figures from the pre-industrial era: three peasants threshing grain and, a little further away, a woman with a child. One of the threshers clearly shows the facial features of Lenin: The leader of the October Revolution holds up the flail and appears relaxed despite the hard work. He probably already suspects that the oppression of the agricultural workers will soon be over. Weiterlesen

In the heart of capitalism


It may sound bizarre, but in Frankfurt, the European financial center, one can find a monument dedicated to Lenin. In front of the private museum Explora there is a bust of Lenin, which was rescued from a scrap yard and tuned by the artist M. Charlamov, who added 3D-glasses to the sculpture and called it Anaglyphowitsch. Weiterlesen