The NVA glass painting

The central figure of the four-part glass painting is a soldier of the GDR-Army (NVA) next to the state symbol, a golden wreath of ears of corn with a hammer and a compass. On the right side Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels can be seen, while on the left a side portrait of Lenin appears in front of a sea of red flags. From the thematic point of view, it could be a typical work of art of the GDR, especially since it is located on a former barracks of the NVA. However, a closer look raises doubts, because both the sketchy style and the deplorable quality of the colors do not fit the art historical context.

2_DSC_0467In fact, this rather unknown painting is not an authentic legacy, but an imitation created for a movie about the NVA released in 2005. The location chosen was a former Saxon barracks, large parts of which are still used by various companies and private persons. This explains the good condition of the entire complex, which could consequently be transformed into a suitable film set without too much effort.

For the film, some fake works of art or typical socialist slogans were painted in the complex. In the main building, on the outer facade of which the original inscription „Knowledge is good, but skill is better“ can be read, the large-scale glass painting with the central figure of an NVA soldier and other communist icons, such as Marx and Engels as communist mentors or Lenin as a successful revolutionary leader and inspiration for future generations, was drawn. Above Lenin stands another figure, surrounded by waving flags, including the Soviet and Vietnamese. It is probably the great promoter of proletarian internationalism Ernst Thälmann.

While in many abandoned military complexes of the Soviet army there are still Lenin figures rotting, it is always interesting to see how, for the most diverse reasons, new, surprising representations of the revolutionary appear in other places. In this case as a film set

Still frame from the movie „NVA“ (2005).

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