The pedestal of the old Lenin bust

Shortly after I posted the photos of a painted Lenin emblem on the former nuclear bunker site, I received a tip regarding a bust of Lenin that used to exist there. In old black and white photos, Lenin’s head can be seen on a black pedestal over two meters high. The monument stands in front of a stylized Soviet flag made of concrete. In the left back you can see the year of construction 1977 on the outer façade of a two- or three-storey building.

The sculpture was located in the southern part of the complex. The residential buildings that can be seen on the right in one of the photos from Soviet times have since been demolished, but the building with the inscription 1977 is still preserved and can be used as a reference to look for the old Lenin monument. It is not an easy task, because in the meantime there are two overgrown mounds of rubble here. However, if you get between the mounds, you can actually still discover the remains of the monument. There is no trace of the bust, but the pedestal is unmistakable, even if it has been buried to some extent. Some of the black colored glass plates of its former covering are even still preserved.

Time passes and the traces of the Soviet Army on German soil fade inexorably and our search led only to a crumbling pedestal. But still…

Special thanks to Игорь Гуцевич


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