Post-apocalyptic view

The abandoned airfield in Wittstock an der Dosse presents a contrasting scene: Lenin is standing at the lectern in a Statesmanly pose, but he is covered with fissures and moss. His head is smashed. In the background is a red brick building erected by the Wehrmacht with broken windows and crumbling walls. A time document of the last 100 years of German history in the form of a post-apocalyptic setting.

2_Lenin51The site is an abandoned military base that was built in 1934 as an airfield for the Wehrmacht and was later turned into a paratrooper school. In May 1945, the Red Army took over the complex. Various units of the Soviet Air Force were stationed here in the following decades, most recently the 33rd Aviation Fighter Regiment from 1961 to 1994.

While most of the airfield has since been demolished to accommodate a solar park, some hangars and buildings are classified as historic monuments and are therefore still standing today. However, their condition is deplorable and after decades of abandonment they nowadays form a desolate landscape of devastation.

In the area of the ruins, some of which are in danger of collapsing, there are still some traces of the Soviets, such as murals, information panels or signboards. And the dilapidated statue of Lenin in front of the former cultural center of the Soviet Army. The background of the attack on the monument is still unclear today and we will probably never know whether it was a political revenge or random vandalism. However, the disfigured Lenin shows stamina and continues to stand guard in this historical ghost town.


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