Copy of a relief (2)


In the Rathenau Park, at the southern end of Hennigsdorf, there is a Soviet war cemetery that cannot be overseen. The red stars, especially the big one on the central monument, stand out against the surrounding green and brown tones.

About 330 soldiers and officers of the Red Army who fell in battle are buried in the graveyard. At the end of April 1945, the Soviet forces marched into Hennigsdorf despite the fascist resistance. The remains of the soldiers were first buried in a provisional cemetery and later moved to the new complex built in 1947.

In the centre of the new cemetery, a four-sided monument with a red star at the top was erected. On two sides there is a text in Russian: „Eternal Glory to the Heroes Fallen in the Fight for the Soviet Fatherland.“ On the other two sides are copies of two reliefs from the memorial in Treptower Park in Berlin: One shows Soviet soldiers fighting an enemy tank, while the other depicts a waving flag with a side portrait of Lenin above a row of Red Army soldiers armed with their guns. The war cemetery in Dallgow-Döberitz, which was built at the same time, has an identical monument.

The relief in Berlin (more info)


The relief in Dallgow-Döberitz (more info)


The relief in Hennigsdorf:








Those coming from Berlin can find another trace of the Soviets on the way to the memorial. At the border between Berlin and Brandenburg, you cross the „Bridge of German-Soviet Friendship„, built in 1952, in front of which a monument with two large bronze plates still commemorates the construction of the bridge and the friendship between the GDR and the USSR.




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