Lenin in the vacation resort “Ferienland”

The „Ferienland Luhme“ is located in the middle of an idyllic lake landscape in northern Brandenburg and offers its guests cozy accommodations at a camping site, in bungalows or in apartments. A nostalgic and historical highlight on the site is the Lenin Square, which features an original street sign from the old Berlin Lenin Square and a portrait of the revolutionary leader.


After the reunification, Berlin’s city council was in a big hurry and, in a highly controversial and from an art-historical point of view highly regrettable action, the statue of Lenin by the renowned Soviet sculptor Nikolai Tomski was dismantled into 129 pieces and buried in the wood. Lenin Square“, where the monument had been erected in 1970, was given the new name „United Nations Square.“ At first, the signs with the inscription „Lenin Square“ remained in place, crossed out in red, but a few weeks later they were permanently removed. However, a group of politically engaged activists saved some of these signs from being scrapped. One of the signs ended up in Luhme and was installed by the owners of the vacation resort on their own „Lenin Square“. A red metal plaque with a portrait of Lenin was also placed there. In GDR times, it had served as a decoration in a local factory.

A vacation in the „Ferienland“ in Luhme is in definitely highly recommended: the inspiring nature, the nice accommodations, the good service and the surprising Lenin Square create the best conditions for a relaxing vacation!


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