Mural renovated and extended in graffiti style

While exploring abandoned objects one constantly comes across graffiti, tags and other works of „street art„. They have become part of the unique landscape of abandoned places. However, they rarely have a concrete connection to the historical sites in which they are located and many visitors tend to perceive them as foreign bodies or disturbing elements. An exception can be seen in Möhlau, where a graffiti artist first renovated a monumental Lenin mural of the Soviet army, only to expand it with a stylized Soviet flag. Weiterlesen


A city free of Lenin?

Wer zum Teufel...


Die Tafel ist wegAfter his bust was removed from the congress center, Leipzig still had some panels reminding of Lenins stops in this city between 1900 and 1914, engineering his revolutionary ideas and plans. But now the boards that pointed out the spots, in which Lenin used to work and celebrate meetings in Leipzig, also disappeared. Leipzig is officially a Lenin-free-city (again, after many decades). Weiterlesen

Eine leninfreie Stadt?

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GedenktafelNachdem seine Büste am Messegelände entfernt wurde, blieben in Leipzig noch einige Gedenktafeln übrig, die an Lenins Aufenthalte in dieser Stadt zwischen 1900 und 1914 erinnerten. Doch inzwischen sind auch diese von den Wänden der Gebäude, in denen Lenin in seiner Exilzeit an seinen revolutionären Ideen und Plänen arbeitete, verschwunden. Leipzig ist also offiziell nach vielen Jahrzehnten (wieder) eine leninfreie Stadt! Weiterlesen