A city free of Lenin?

Wer zum Teufel...


Die Tafel ist wegAfter his bust was removed from the congress center, Leipzig still had some panels reminding of Lenins stops in this city between 1900 and 1914, engineering his revolutionary ideas and plans. But now the boards that pointed out the spots, in which Lenin used to work and celebrate meetings in Leipzig, also disappeared. Leipzig is officially a Lenin-free-city (again, after many decades). Weiterlesen

Lights in the dusk



Between colorful balloons, big advertisements and shrill flashing neon lights a commemorative plaque of Lenin is hanging inconspicuously on a wall of Frankfurter Allee. Surrounded by so many stores, fast food restaurants and even a shopping center, the communist hero seems to be a little bit out of place here. And in fact Lenin doesn’t get a lot of affection around this place: On the plaque one can still recognize the traces of the last vandalism action, a mosaic of ink and cleaning agents. Weiterlesen